Styles that are easy and, above all, to be combined in a variety of ways, usually become the favorite pieces of their owners. Always being well dressed without having to break your head makes everyone start the day in a good mood.

Our "Amazing Grace" cardigan is such a style. Whether casual with jeans, sporty with beach shorts or neat with trousers, a dress or a skirt, this cardigan always works.

Made from 10-ply cashmere on hand knitting machines in Tuscany, this piece makes the heart beat faster for every fan of handcrafted products.

Like all products from Buttertea, this cardigan is also equipped with corozo buttons. The beautiful material, which is not called plant ivory for nothing, retains its unique shine even after many washes. In addition, the material is vegan and completely compostable due to the fact that it is dyed with vegetable colors.

Small details show the connoisseur that this good piece was made on a hand knitting machine. As you know, good things take their time and therefor this cardigan is only available in limited editions.

Since we at buttertea are crazy about sustainability, we offer the cardigan, like all of our brand's products, made from super soft undyed cashmere yarns. This is the most natural way to wear cashmere on your skin.