This extremely soft 8-ply cashmere hoodie will be your constant, perfect companion. In the morning when you warm up on your bike or during relaxing hours on the beach. We even enjoy it while skiing. Really a super stylish allrounder.

And if it should get cold and windy, the double-face hood protects you with a second layer of super soft cashmere.

Like all our products, this sweater is of course knitted from 2ply28 yarns on hand knitting machines in wonderful Tuscany.

Our experienced employees maintain the tradition of knitting on hand knitting machines.The knitters need up to 8 hours for one of the sweaters, which makes each piece a limited product.

That is why every buttertea piece of clothing is a unique pieces.

Since the environment is very important to us, our cashmere products are manufactured from yarn to the finished garment within a radius of 6 km.

It is certainly no coincidence that these sporty hoodies are made in the home of L´Eroica.