05/05/2020 | handcrafted

Needle and thread makes your darling complete

If you thought that selecting the right yarns and getting the best and most experienced people to operate our handknitting machines was all there was to it, then think again. Because we sew on all our buttons and labels by hand.

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17/02/2020 | handcrafted

Traditional handknitting

Handknitting is the fine art of a manual craft transposed into the industrial age. And while today both Germany and Japan produce superb computer-controlled knitting machines that knit the finest products, the difference…

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02/11/2019 | handcrafted

Talented fingers

The final step in the production of a high-quality cashmere garment is handled by the finishing department. This is where all buttertea products are subjected to initial quality control and steamed into shape.

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18/09/2019 | handcrafted

Only as good as its seams

The linking machine handles the seaming or construction of the various pieces of a knitted garment. The crucial thing here is to ensure that every last stitch is picked up, to avoid holes appearing in the seams at a later date.

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24/08/2019 | handcrafted

Perfect fit

Leaving aside for a moment the composition and quality of the yarn, the right size and the perfect fit hold the key to that feel-good sensation in your favourite item of cashmere knitwear. That’s why we invest…

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12/08/2019 | handcrafted

What’s in a name

It’s only when the sustainable labels (60% organic cotton, 40% recycled polyester) are attached that our high-quality knitwear can be identified as products of the buttertea brand.

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