On October 28th and 29th we were guests at Trunk Clothiers in beautiful Zurich. At Dufourstrasse 90 in Zurich-Seefeld we had the opportunity to present our brand to the friends and customers of Trunk and Monocle.

Since 2018, Mats Klingberg and his team have been offering classic goods of timeless beauty and durability to their Swiss and international customers.

The combination of men's clothing, adjacent coffee bar and newspaper- kiosk (the Monocle Cafe is located in the same building) offers an interesting focal point and invites you to linger, relax and shop for selected products and printed matter that cannot be bought everywhere.

Unusually warm temperatures and great weather ensure a lively city district and gave us the opportunity to present our brand to many interesting people.

We were very surprised by the really detailed interest in the origin of our fibers, the individual production processes and our sustainable brand approach.
It's a pleasure to see that the consumer's interest in all points of the creation process is growing and we get a lot of positive feedback for our sustainable project.

Of course we were very happy to sell many beautiful pieces of buttertea together with Adrian and his team from Trunk and to take orders for some special customizations.

Even if it was too warm for a new cashmere sweater for some of the visitors this weekend, they already had the idea of ​​using the annual bonus or buying a Christmas present for their loved ones.