When the raw cashmere comes off the train after 45 days en route from Asia to Italy, the big linen bales are opened and the contents visually inspected. As cashmere fibres are paid for by weight, the bales sometimes have stones, dirt or low-quality fibres added to push up the price artificially.
Once the cashmere reaches the factory it is combed, carded and in some cases also dyed with the greatest of care and using state-of-the-art Italian, German or Japanese machinery. The ultimate goal is to produce a consistent quality.

Luxury cashmere yarn manufacturers all strive to produce the smoothest yarn that is also the most uniform in terms of shade, weight and diameter. Nowhere is this more important than for brands that offer handknitted items! Yarns from these superior manufacturers lead to incredibly smooth and uniform knitted products, even if the knitting process itself displays minor variations.