Did you know that every cashmere item gets a wash before it’s dispatched? That’s because very few people would find unwashed cashmere attractive. Washing the fibres after they’ve been spun and knitted makes them swell, producing the typical look and the buttery, fluffy texture of cashmere.

For this process too, every manufacturer or brand has its own secret formula for the ideal washing liquid and how best to nourish the fibres to give them that ultra-desirable, soft and squishy cashmere feel. At buttertea we pamper our beauties with an organic shampoo, specially developed for cashmere care.

This not only cleans your favourites and gets them into shape but nurtures them as well. No doubt you’ve heard it said that genuine high-quality cashmere gets softer and more lovely with every wash. Well, to prove it, we ran our own tests and so we can confirm that, in the case of our high-quality cashmere products at least, it really is true!