High-quality cashmere is actually very easy to look after and keep looking good. There are only a few points to bear in mind to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your natural product for many years to come.

Rest periods

Give your garment a break. Even if it’s your all-time favourite, you should leave it to rest for at least 24 hours. This gives the fibres time to recover and air out. Your garment will thank you for it and retain its good looks for a long time. In this respect, cashmere is no different from top-quality, welted shoes. And while your favourite item is taking it easy, you can find something that you will enjoy wearing just as much from your trusted buttertea dealer or at www.buttertea-cashmere.com.

Let it breathe

Leave your cashmere garment out to air. But please don’t hang it on a hanger. Ideally, lay it on a drying rack.

Fold, don’t hang

Never hang your cashmere garment on a hanger or a line, even if it’s a jacket or blazer. The weight will cause stretching in length and also result in humps on the shoulders. We recommend that you fold cashmere, like almost any other knitted garment. Ideally, store it in a breathable, closed box, which will also keep it safe from moths.

Long-term storage

If you aren’t going to be wearing your buttertea garment for a while – perhaps because it’s summer or because you are travelling and can’t take it with you – wash it and pack it away in a breathable box, where it will be safe from moths. When you take it out, you will be delighted at how good your exclusive garment looks – straight out of the box.


Wash your cashmere product regularly. Contrary to the widespread view that cashmere should not be washed, it is actually advisable to do so. The fibres become more beautiful with every (careful) wash. Washing also neutralises the natural odours that attract moths. To be on the safe side, it is best to wash your garment in the washing machine at 30°C on a wool cycle, rather than by hand. There are specially formulated cashmere shampoos, such as our organic buttertea shampoo, that care for cashmere fibres. Please make sure that you turn the garment inside out and place it in a special laundry bag to minimise friction. Once the garment has been washed, spread it on a towel, but don’t stretch it. Remember to turn it over so that it can dry evenly on both sides. Like wool, cashmere releases moisture much faster than cotton, for example, so it dries quite quickly. When drying buttertea hoodies, pull out the inner hood so that both sides can dry. Tip: Experts recommend washing a cashmere garment after it has been worn four times.


Finally, you should lightly steam the garment. This will remove any creases from washing and smooth down any protruding fibre ends. Always make sure that the steam iron does not touch the garment, holding it a short distance away.


If little knots form on your garment, we recommend that you wash it and dry it and then remove the fuzz balls using a cashmere comb, a Sweater Stone (but be careful) or a cashmere razor. After two or three treatments, there should be no more pilling.