Products made from cashmere, one of the world’s most beautiful and most expensive natural materials, will last a long time if cared for correctly. Owing to its fibre structure, cashmere tends to suffer from pilling, which happens when protruding fibres form knots. There is a correlation between fibre length and pilling: The longer the fibres, the less pilling there will be. The tendency to pill is also reduced by the two-ply technique, in which two strands are spun together to make one yarn.

Buttertea uses only 2/28 yarns made in Tuscany by the world’s best cashmere manufacturer. So product care actually starts with choosing the right quality of cashmere in the first place.

As long as you follow a few key points in maintaining and storing your favourite garment, you will be able to enjoy this sensational natural fibre for a very long time. And if you have any questions, the team at buttertea SPA will be happy to help and advise you.

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