If you thought that selecting the right yarns and getting the best and most experienced people to operate our handknitting machines was all there was to it, then think again.

Because we sew on all our buttons and labels by hand. This is done not directly in the production shop where the individual items are constructed, but instead by our employees Claudia und Lorella. Why is that? Well, in the past, the Italian city of Prato was the stronghold of the fabric and wool weavers. The city was famous for its precious, innovative fabrics.

But in the mid-1980s, all that changed, and Prato became a centre of “Pronta Moda” or fast fashion. For the quick production of their low-priced goods, the fast fashion companies are forever snooping around the smaller studios in search of new ideas, eager to learn what the leading brands are up to and then quick to copy their creations.

So to make sure our products stay under the radar until they are ready for shipping, we took the conscious decision to delay labelling them until after their final quality
inspection, just before they are dispatched.