To this day, the finest raw fibres for our super cashmere yarns are still hand-combed from the goats. The more carefully the herders work, the higher the prices they will obtain for their bales of raw cashmere. For the goatherds, it’s only natural to take good care of their flocks, after all, the goats provide them with a living, which makes them their prized possessions.

Every year in April, depending on the phase of the moon, the goats’ underdown is combed out with big metal combs before they can start to moult. As the combs run through the “greasy cashmere”, as the raw fibres are known, they also remove dirt, vegetable impurities and coarse outer guard hairs.

The combed-out fibres are then sold to a dealer. The leading spinning mills and top brands all have their own local buyers or preferred dealers who specialised in the luxury fibres trade.